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Products is available to find you special foils for various applications. This site is a service of Schlenk Metallfolien GmbH & Co. KG,
one of the leading companies in special foils, worldwide.

Silver foils

Silver foils are a significant part of Schlenk Metallfolien's special foils program.

For many years Schlenk has been delivering silver foils for decorative articles, medical plasters or batteries. Silver foils are also used in the aviation industry for the shielding of very sensitive electronic equipment.

In order to supply our customers with a high quality product, we use high purity silvers, like Ag 99.97% and Ag 99.99%.

To fulfil our customer needs for reductions in product weight, space saving and of course cost reduction, we offer a wide thickness range which starts at a minimum thickness of 0.010mm (10Ám / 0.0004"). We recently increased the width range of our silver foils. Depending on the required thickness, we are now in a position to offer widths from 1mm up to 350mm (0.04" - 13.8").

Special product information for batteries

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Standard range of thickness:

0.010mm - 0.150mm (10Ám-150Ám . 0.0004" - 0.006")

Our unique development as a speciality rolling mill enables us to offer not only big quantities but also smaller quantities as well as special demands for research and development.

If there is a demand in your company for the silver foils included in our production program please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if your demand is a little bit outside of our standard production program, send us your enquiry and specifications. We are often able to use our wide variety of production capabilities to fulfil our customers' special needs.

See Schlenk Metallfolien's whole production program:
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